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solar panel

  • poly solar penels
poly solar penels

poly solar penels

  • Product description: poly solar penels

brief charactor
1.25 years warranty and long life span
2.power is not less than 90% in 10 years and not less than 80% in 20 years.
3.Local warehousing and techincal support
4.CE, ISO9001 certificate
5.High transmission tempered 3.2mm glass
6.good quality and competitive price.
7.high efficiency.
1.Solar panel power from 3w to 300w according to customers' requirement
2.Solar panel nominal 12/24v DC for standard ourput
3.Aesthetic appearance and rugged design to withstand high wind pressure, hail and snow load
4.Rigorous quality control to meeting the highest international standard
5.Solar panel encapsulated with high transmission low-iron, tempered glass
6. Cells are laminated with TPT and EVA ensuring longer life and maximum performance
7. TPT imported from Krempel, Germany, ensure 25 years output power more than 80%.
1.Solar cell-conversion efficiency of solar cell: 24%-17%
2.Front glass-3.2mm, high transmission, low iron, tempered glass
3.EVA-excellent anti-aging resistance
4.TPT-hot seal made of flame resistance
5.Flame-reinfored anodixed aluminum flame
Solar cells applications:
1. Any large or small on-gird or off-gird solar power stations
2. Commercial and industrial building roof-top systems
3. Residential roof-top systems
4. Any commercial or industrial ground mount systems
5. Other industrial and commercial applications

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