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  • Thin film flexible solar panel
Thin film flexible solar panel

Thin film flexible solar panel

  • Product description: Thin film flexible solar panel

1. Excellent performance in high temperature  and low light performance.
2. With 25 years no less than 80% of the power uutput.
3. Multi-contact connector or terminal box;
4. Resistance of shadow design, with diode bypass for each cell;
5. The largest system voltage is 1000 VDC;
6. Meet IEC61646 standards.

The structural parameters

Exterior size: 5486X394X4mm (including the thickness of the junction box 16 mm);
Weight: 7.7 Kg;
Output wire: cross section was 4mm2, long is 560 mm, with weather-proof dc rated multi-contact connector;
The bypass diode: every piece of the cells all with the bypass diode;
Sealant, adhesive: ethylene/propylene copolymer containing microbial inhibitors;
Cell's type: 5 pieces of three junction amorphous silicon thin film solar cells in series (356 * 239 mm).

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